Jeep JL Piggyback Shock Kit Falcon SP2 3.5 aDAPT e-Adjust 0-1.5 Inch Lift For 10-Pres Wrangler JL 4 Door TeraFlex - Teraflex Europe
Jeep JL Piggyback Shock Kit Falcon SP2 3.5 aDAPT e-Adjust 0-1.5 Inch Lift For 10-Pres Wrangler JL 4 Door TeraFlex

Jeep JL Piggyback Shock Kit Falcon SP2 3.5 aDAPT e-Adjust 0-1.5 Inch Lift For 10-Pres Wrangler JL 4 Door TeraFlex

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Jeep JL Piggyback Shock Kit Falcon SP2 3.5 aDAPT e-Adjust 0-1.5 Inch Lift For 10-Pres Wrangler JL 4 Door TeraFlex – Teraflex Europe – Direct import from the USA

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Gain more control over your suspension tuning with the Falcon SP2 3.5 aDAPT e-Adjust Piggyback Shocks! In addition to the 8-Position Dial. these shocks can be programmed to automatically switch from Soft to a manually preselected Firm setting depending on terrain. The aDAPT Control Module’s 3-position In-Cab Switch includes Soft. Firm. and Auto settings.

High-Value Performance is the driving force behind our vehicle-specific dampers for Jeeps. trucks. and SUVs. These Jeep-specific shock absorbers deliver increased stability. improved ride quality. and comfort for daily driven vehicles as well as race-inspired performance. handling. and stability for off-road rigs. Falcon Performance Shocks by TeraFlex.

  • JL Wrangler Unlimited (4 Door)
  • 0-1.5 inch Lift

Features and Benefits:

  • SP2 3.5 aDAPT e-Adjust Piggyback Shocks:
    • SP2 3.5 aDAPT e-Adjust Piggyback Shocks offer a wide range of adjustability for specific terrain and/or handling characteristics
    • In Auto Setting. the aDAPT Control Module automatically switches from Soft to a manually preselected Firm setting based on driver selectable minimum G threshold
    • The desired Firm setting is controlled manually by the 8-Position Dial
    • aDAPT Control Module adjustment parameters: forward acceleration. lateral acceleration. braking
    • Each parameter is set separately
    • Firm mode duration can be set between 1-5 seconds
    • 3-position In-Cab Switch settings include: Soft. Firm. Auto
    • Can also be manually adjusted from Soft to preset Firm setting
    • Using the Falcon App. multiple presets can be created and used for different driving conditions
    • Calibrate aDAPT Control Module for various install orientations
    • SP2 Mode Adjust tunes compression and rebound for Soft or Performance settings
    • Ideal for daily driven Jeeps as well as the serious enthusiast wanting automatic control and advanced tuning options from the driver seat
  • JL Falcon Shocks:
    • JL corner-specific shock absorber w/ race-inspired performance
    • Front lower offset eyelet design provides maximum shock body to frame clearance during articulation
    • Rear roost guards prevent shock shaft damage from rocks kicked up by the tires
    • SP2 Mode Adjust tunes compression and rebound for Soft or Performance settings
  • Piggyback Shocks:
    • Piggyback design increases oil and gas capacity for reduced heat
    • Flows 6x more oil than restrictive reservoir hose designs
    • Eliminates common leakage issues found in banjo and swivel fittings
    • Front shocks’ unique horizontal piggyback reservoir increases tire clearance
    • Cartridge Upgrade Kits are available separately
  • SP2 Mode Adjust Shocks:
    • Choose between Soft and Performance modes during install
    • Tunes both compression and rebound
    • Soft mode allows a partial bypass of the main piston for a softer ride
    • During aggressive driving. Soft mode retains performance tuning for optimal handling
    • Soft mode recommended for rough terrain/surfaces and cold weather
    • Performance mode recommended for max on- and off-road handling. stability. and control
  • Jeep Performance Shocks (All):
    • Vehicle-specific shock absorbers
    • Race-inspired performance for increased vehicle stability
    • Improved dynamic roll control and low-speed damping
    • Dramatic improvement in on-road comfort and off-road performance
    • Optimized fitment for unobstructed suspension travel and articulation
    • 2.25 inch shock body provides optimal performance
    • 6061-T6 aluminum alloy shock body resists Impact to protect internal components
    • Smooth honed internal shock body surface for long-term performance
    • 3/4 inch induction hardened chrome plated shaft resists rock damage. corrosion. and shaft buckling
    • Large shaft diameter provides wide range of adjustment on adjustable shocks
    • Hard anodized 6061-T6 aluminum alloy billet piston
    • 1-piece Teflon bronze piston wear band w/ O-ring
    • VOD (Volume Optimized Damping) features a digressive linear piston
    • VOD reduces shock bottoming at full compression or over uneven terrain
    • OGS (Oil/Gas Separator) prevents cavitation
    • Red Line synthetic oil w/ a high Viscosity Index for consistent performance across all temperatures
    • Synthetic formula also contains special anti-wear and lubricity agents
    • 1.000-hour salt spray corrosion resistance test on all hardware
    • Serviceable and rebuildable (factory serviced)
    • Designed. engineered. and assembled in-house from domestic and globally sourced components
    • Patented design
    • 3-year warranty


  • Bump stop configuration varies depending on shock absorber collapsed length. tire size. and fenders – See instructions for proper configuration for your application.
  • May require 2 inch Bump Stop Strike Pad Extension Kit (part number 1959500) and/or 0.5 inch Bump Stop Strike Pad Shim Kit(s) (part number 1959300).
  • Install Time: 1.5 Hours

– TERA 11-04-35-400-000

Fitment: 2007,2010,Jeep,Wrangler,X|2007,2010,Jeep,Wrangler,Unlimited X|2007,2021,Jeep,Wrangler,Unlimited Sahara|2007,2021,Jeep,Wrangler,Rubicon|2007,2021,Jeep,Wrangler,Unlimited Rubicon|2007,2017,Jeep,Wrangler,Sahara|2010,2021,Jeep,Wrangler,Sport|2010,2021,Jeep,Wrangler,Unlimited Sport|2011,2011,Jeep,Wrangler,Unlimited 70th Anniversary|2011,2011,Jeep,Wrangler,70th Anniversary|2016,2016,Jeep,Wrangler,Unlimited Sport S|2016,2016,Jeep,Wrangler,Unlimited 75th Anniversary|2016,2016,Jeep,Wrangler,Sport S|2016,2016,Jeep,Wrangler,75th Anniversary|2018,2018,Jeep,Wrangler JK,Sport|2018,2018,Jeep,Wrangler JK,Unlimited Sport|2018,2018,Jeep,Wrangler JK,Unlimited Sport S|2018,2018,Jeep,Wrangler JK,Unlimited Sahara|2018,2018,Jeep,Wrangler JK,Unlimited Rubicon|2018,2018,Jeep,Wrangler JK,Rubicon|2018,2019,Jeep,Wrangler,Unlimited Moab|2018,2018,Jeep,Wrangler JK,Sport S|2018,2018,Jeep,Wrangler JK,Sahara|2018,2021,Jeep,Wrangler,Sport S|2018,2021,Jeep,Wrangler,Unlimited Sport S|2021,2021,Jeep,Wrangler,80th Anniversary|2021,2021,Jeep,Wrangler,Willys|2021,2021,Jeep,Wrangler,Unlimited Willys Sport|2021,2021,Jeep,Wrangler,Willys Sport|2021,2021,Jeep,Wrangler,Unlimited Willys|2021,2021,Jeep,Wrangler,Islander|2021,2021,Jeep,Wrangler,Unlimited Sport Altitude|2021,2021,Jeep,Wrangler,Freedom|2021,2021,Jeep,Wrangler,Unlimited Sahara Altitude|2021,2021,Jeep,Wrangler,Unlimited Rubicon 392|2021,2021,Jeep,Wrangler,Unlimited High Altitude|2021,2021,Jeep,Wrangler,Unlimited Freedom|2021,2021,Jeep,Wrangler,Unlimited 80th Anniversary|2021,2021,Jeep,Wrangler,Unlimited Islander

Doors: 4 Door


Lift: 0-1,5 Inch

Tire size max:

Includes Shocks: Yes

Installation Time:

Material: Aluminum Alloy

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