Jeep JL Rear Coil Spring 2.5 Inch Lift Kit For 10-Pres Wrangler JL 4 Door TeraFlex - Teraflex Europe
Jeep JL Rear Coil Spring 2.5 Inch Lift Kit For 10-Pres Wrangler JL 4 Door TeraFlex

Jeep JL Rear Coil Spring 2.5 Inch Lift Kit For 10-Pres Wrangler JL 4 Door TeraFlex

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Jeep JL Rear Coil Spring 2.5 Inch Lift Kit For 10-Pres Wrangler JL 4 Door TeraFlex – Teraflex Europe – Direct import from the USA

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Corner-specific TeraFlex JLU 4 Door Lift Rear Coil Springs are perfectly engineered for your 4 Door JLU Jeep Wrangler Unlimited. Our engineers focused on extensive rate tuning and dynamic balance between front and rear and side-to-side load bias to produce Lift Coil Springs that deliver unsurpassed highway handling and off-road performance.

TeraFlex chose the same tried and true linear rate technology preferred by most automakers including Jeep. Linear rate springs provide the maximum number of active coils under load for consistent performance and predictable handling throughout the full range of suspension travel both on- and off-road.

We recommend pairing TeraFlex Lift Coil Springs with Falcon Performance Shocks for superior performance. TeraFlex coil springs and Falcon shock absorbers have been engineered together to improve both compression and rebound for optimal vehicle stability.

  • JLU Wrangler Unlimited (4 Door)
  • Lift Height: 2.5 inch


  • 2.5 inch Lift Driver Rear Coil Spring
  • 2.5 inch Lift Passenger Rear Coil Spring

Features and Benefits:

  • Shot peened to reduce spring sag and fatigue as well as increase life
  • Powder coated for superior element protection
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty against defects


  • Advertised lift heights are not actual final lift height. Use the coil spring lift height descriptions as the average lift height that may be achieved between the front and rear of the vehicle. Other variables will affect the actual final lift height such as a winch. aftermarket bumpers. full-size spare tire. loaded cargo weight. etc.

– TERA 1862100

Fitment: 2007,2010,Jeep,Wrangler,X|2007,2010,Jeep,Wrangler,Unlimited X|2007,2021,Jeep,Wrangler,Unlimited Sahara|2007,2021,Jeep,Wrangler,Rubicon|2007,2021,Jeep,Wrangler,Unlimited Rubicon|2007,2017,Jeep,Wrangler,Sahara|2010,2021,Jeep,Wrangler,Sport|2010,2021,Jeep,Wrangler,Unlimited Sport|2011,2011,Jeep,Wrangler,Unlimited 70th Anniversary|2011,2011,Jeep,Wrangler,70th Anniversary|2016,2016,Jeep,Wrangler,Unlimited Sport S|2016,2016,Jeep,Wrangler,Unlimited 75th Anniversary|2016,2016,Jeep,Wrangler,Sport S|2016,2016,Jeep,Wrangler,75th Anniversary|2018,2018,Jeep,Wrangler JK,Sport|2018,2018,Jeep,Wrangler JK,Unlimited Sport|2018,2018,Jeep,Wrangler JK,Unlimited Sport S|2018,2018,Jeep,Wrangler JK,Unlimited Sahara|2018,2018,Jeep,Wrangler JK,Unlimited Rubicon|2018,2018,Jeep,Wrangler JK,Rubicon|2018,2019,Jeep,Wrangler,Unlimited Moab|2018,2018,Jeep,Wrangler JK,Sport S|2018,2018,Jeep,Wrangler JK,Sahara|2018,2021,Jeep,Wrangler,Sport S|2018,2021,Jeep,Wrangler,Unlimited Sport S|2021,2021,Jeep,Wrangler,80th Anniversary|2021,2021,Jeep,Wrangler,Willys|2021,2021,Jeep,Wrangler,Unlimited Willys Sport|2021,2021,Jeep,Wrangler,Willys Sport|2021,2021,Jeep,Wrangler,Unlimited Willys|2021,2021,Jeep,Wrangler,Islander|2021,2021,Jeep,Wrangler,Unlimited Sport Altitude|2021,2021,Jeep,Wrangler,Freedom|2021,2021,Jeep,Wrangler,Unlimited Sahara Altitude|2021,2021,Jeep,Wrangler,Unlimited Rubicon 392|2021,2021,Jeep,Wrangler,Unlimited High Altitude|2021,2021,Jeep,Wrangler,Unlimited Freedom|2021,2021,Jeep,Wrangler,Unlimited 80th Anniversary|2021,2021,Jeep,Wrangler,Unlimited Islander

Doors: 4 Door

Location: Rear

Lift: 2,5 Inch

Tire size max:

Includes Shocks: No

Installation Time:


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Last Update: 2022-07-08 15:28:15

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Dimensions 53.34 × 35.56 × 20.32 cm